Exige Collection

The Exige collection is a digitally enhanced version of the original oil painting ‘Exige’. The artwork features a Lotus Exige Cup 430.

In 2020 the original oil on canvas painting was created which is 55x46cm in size. The digitally enhanced collectible NFT was created and launched in 2022, featuring editions in various colors. Each edition is available in a limited number and the whole collection is limited to 430 pieces.

The collection is published and available on OpenSea

Collection Distribution (430 pieces in total):

Name Quantity
Solar Yellow Edition 100
Ardent Red Edition 100
Essex Blue Edition 50
Krypton Green Edition 25
Olive Green Edition 25
Pewter Grey Edition 25
Chrome Orange Edition 15
Kawasaki Green Edition 15
Burnt Orange Edition 10
Daytona Blue Edition 10
Ultra Violet Edition 8
Hot Pink Edition 8
Mint Green Edition 7
Miami Blue Edition 5
British Racing Green Edition 5
Senna Brown Edition 4
Ice White Edition 3
Motorsport Black Edition 3
Liquid Yellow Edition 3
Aztec Bronze Edition 2
Sky Blue Edition 2
Candy Red Edition 2
Chameleon Edition 1
Isoptope Green Original 1
Physical oil painting on canvas 1